Resources For Your Student

ONE Student Study

With teaching from Caleb Castille (who plays Tony Nathan in Woodlawn), the ONE Student Study speaks to teens about uniting together. It includes: four video episodes on DVD, an easy-to-follow Leader’s Guide for facilitating a small group gathering, and one copy of the ONE Student Journal for the study.

ONE Student Journal

The ONE Student Journal is a companion to the ONE Student Study. It provides daily, personal devotions on the topics of unity and revival found in the 4-week study.



By Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans

God has a journey planned for each of us. During our quest it can sometimes feel like we've been sent into battle without any training. This guide will arm you with 15 keys to help you unlock victories in your everyday life. Along the way, you'll learn how to overcome enemies like regret, doubt, and confusion with the weapons of wisdom, faith, and purpose.